Six Simple Steps to Treat Your Skin

Your skin deserves the best treatment. And yes, it’s important to have a proper skincare routine with products that are scientifically proven to work, like Benzagel’s – but there are also other important ways to treat your skin.

Here are our top six steps to help your skin stay happy and healthy:


1. Stay smart about skincare


A simple daily ritual with the right products can go a long way to helping you break free of breakouts. Products that have benzoyl peroxide act as an antibacterial, tackling the bacteria on your face. It’s proven to work. Start by cleansing your skin twice a day of acne-causing bacteria with our Acne Wash – then top up on blemishes with our Acne Gel treatment.


2. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing


Lack of sleep is one of the top three triggers for acne. That’s possibly because the hormones in your body readjust themselves while you snooze. If you don’t get enough, there will be a chemical inbalance in your skin – leading to more flare ups. You might want to rethink those red-eye Fortnite or Animal Crossing nights.



3. More zen – less stress


What does Feng Shui have to do with your facial complexion? It turns out, more than we realize. Research has found that while stress doesn’t cause acne, it can slow down your immune system, making it harder to heal from things like breakouts. So, rearrange your furniture, learn some meditation techniques, or put your phone down for an hour a day – whatever it takes to keep the anxiety in your life as low as possible.


4. Eating right: the dark side of white grains


Be careful of eating too many foods that spike your blood sugar levels too fast, like white rice, white bread and potatoes. Studies show that this can have a big impact on acne. On the other hand, foods that are higher in fibre can help improve your skin condition. It might be time to give high-fibre cereal, sweet potatoes, apples and carrots another chance.


5. Break a sweat


It’s true, sweating can clog pores, but exercising is too good for the health of your skin to pass up – it lowers stress and helps you balance your hormones and blood sugar levels. Done right, you can avoid the dreaded buildup of dirt, oil and bacteria on your skin. Start by removing any makeup pre-workout, put on clean clothes, shower right after, and use a gentle on-the-go cleanser like Cleansa-Wipes.


6. Never underestimate the power of water


Staying hydrated can help on so many levels. It keeps your skin less dry and your oil glands more relaxed. It supports your immune system to help you recover from breakouts, faster. It can lower your blood sugar levels and regulate your hormones. And it helps you power through your exercise routine. Time to drink up!

It’s not always easy to take on new habits, but it’s worth it. The more of these steps you follow, the more you’ll be on track to enjoy clearer, smoother skin.