Moisturizing Lotion That Soothes
Your Skin

New! From Benzagel®

Complete your skincare routine with an after-care moisturizing lotion formulated with anti-irritant ingredients. It’s the perfect complement to the Benzagel® acne routine products you know and love.

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Benzagel® After Care Moisturizing Lotion

Benzagel® Joins the Acne
and Rosacea Society of
Canada in 3-Year Partnership

We’re proud to receive the Acne and Rosacea
Society of Canada’s official Recommended Seal of
Approval for our Benzagel 5% Acne Gel. We’re excited
about our 3-year partnership with this organization,
dedicated to helping Canadians fight acne.

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Recommended for Mild Acne by the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada

Acne Tips

Advice, blog posts, and more for Teens
and Adults with acne prone skin.

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Canada’s #1 Brand,
10 Years in a Row!

We’re proud to announce 10
consecutive years as the #1
Recommended over the counter
Acne Treatment Brand by
pharmacists across Canada.

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Canada's #1 Brand
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