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Benzagel® is proud to partner with in-store retailers all across Canada. See below for our
in-store features at these participating retailers.

      Sobeys National Dec 2 – Jan 5Dec 2 - Jan 5

      Dec 2 - Jan 5

      Acne Gel 30g

      Acne Wash 85ml

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      Familiprix Oct 27 – Jan 12Oct 27 - Jan 12

      Oct 27 - Jan 12

      Spot-On Gel – $6.99

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      Lawton Drugs Nov 11 – Jan 5Nov 11 - Jan 5

      Nov 11 - Jan 5

      Acne Gel 60g – $2.00 Off

      Acne Gel 30g – $1.00 Off

      Spot On Gel – $1.50 Off

      Buy 2, get 10 Air Miles

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      Federated Co-op Dec 2 – Jan 5Dec 2 - Jan 5

      Dec 2 - Jan 5

      Acne Gel 60g

      Spot On Gel

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      Get Benzagel® Online

      The Benzagel® family of products is available online through a variety of high-quality retailers. See below for our online promos.

      *Please check with your local retailer before shopping. We cannot guarantee availability of Benzagel® products at all store locations. Promotional prices may vary and may not reflect the latest pricing update by your local retailer. If your favourite pharmacy does carry the full line of Benzagel® facial care products, ask them to order them in.

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