5 Ways To Prevent Maskne

5 Ways To Prevent Maskne

We know there are many things that can cause acne! Stress, certain clothing, working out, and various foods can all contribute to breakouts. Over the last two years, both teenagers and young adults have experienced a new type of acne, known as ‘maskne’.

First off, what is maskne? Mask acne (maskne) is when an individual gets breakouts or irritated skin from wearing a face mask. Skin can become dry, itchy and uncomfortable while wearing a face covering. Maskne tends to be caused by clogged pores, which increases when wearing a mask. Because of regular breathing and sweating, moisture becomes trapped within the facemask, which can cause breakouts. People can also experience uncomfortable chaffing from the face mask rubbing against their skin.

As the pandemic continues into the next year, many public settings will still require masks for the foreseeable future. While we fully support the mask mandate, when it comes to masking up, our skin may think otherwise. We’ve rounded up a few ways you can prevent maskne from occurring.


Use Cotton or Silk Masks

With the rise of face coverings over the last two years, we’ve seen masks sold in all shapes, sizes and materials. To prevent maskne from occurring, wear lightweight and breathable masks. Ensure the mask isn’t too tight around the face, and look for light fabrics - such as cotton or silk. Using these type of materials will help prevent sweat from gathering in the mask, and lower the chance of breakouts.


Use a Trusted Moisturizer Before You Leave The House

prevent-maskne-acne-care-benzagelUsing a gentle moisturizer on the skin before leaving the house ensures skin is soft and hydrated while wearing a face mask. This will help prevent irritation and chaffing caused by the fabric rubbing against dry skin, especially during the cold winter season. A good moisturizer, such as our After Care Moisturizing Lotion will keep skin nourished and replenish your skin’s natural moisturizing factor. The unique combination of antioxidants, squalane, alpha-hydroxy acids, botanical extracts, and minerals means our lotion gently exfoliates the skin while you moisturize, removing any dead skin cells and leaving you with replenished skin.


maskne-acne-benzagelClean Reusable Masks After Every Use

While it may be tempting to keep masks handy in your purse, car, and coat pockets, it’s important to wash cloth masks after every use. Bacteria and oil can build up on the inside on your face mask, regardless of the material. Wash your masks after every wear using unscented, hypoallergenic laundry detergent and then let it completely dry before using it again. For brand new masks, ensure you’re washing them before wearing them for the first time!


Discard Disposable Masks After One Wear

Similar to the point above, if you are using disposable masks, it’s crucial to toss them after one wear. Sweat and oil can build up inside your mask, so it’s important to dispose of these types of masks once you’ve worn them for a few hours. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, you should be removing your mask every 4 hours to give your skin a break, as long as you are able to practice social distancing. Keep a few handy in your bag or car in case you need a fresh mask.


Practice Facial Hygiene Before and After Wearing a Mask

Since we will be wearing masks in public for at least the next year, it’s necessary to practice facial hygiene while wearing one. After removing your mask, use a facial wipe to remove dirt and makeup before cleansing your face. This will significantly reduce the chance of breakouts. Follow with a good facial cleanser to remove bacteria and unclog pores. We recommend our trusted line of acne care products! Our Cleansa Wipes gently remove dirt and dead skin from pores, while our Acne Wash contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, and it is micronized to penetrate skin and eliminate acne causing bacteria.

During the pandemic, many individuals have seen a rise in acne due to mask mandates. Try following these guidelines to prevent breakouts from wearing masks every day. While masks will be around for the next little while, it doesn’t mean maskne has to be!

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