We’re #1: Benzagel is Tops with Canadian Pharmacists!

We’re #1: Benzagel is Tops with Canadian Pharmacists!

For the fourth year in a row, Benzagel has been named the #1 recommended acne treatment by pharmacists across Canada!

So, if you’re looking at your bathroom cabinet and seeing Benzagel Acne Gel & Wash, Spot On, or Cleansa-Wipes, you’ve made a great choice.

The number one choice. Good job :)

In fact, in the Rogers Healthcare Group survey*, Benzagel was the recommendation of more than twice as many pharmacists as the next highest brand, and in Quebec the numbers were even higher. And, as an added point of celebration, we’ve seen those numbers grow each of the last four years in the survey results!

Benzagel is #1 with pharmacists because it really works. But here’s a good tip from Dr. Julia Carroll, a Toronto-based Dermatologist that you should keep in mind…

“People tend to get frustrated after a couple of days but... they really should keep using a product for four to six weeks to let it do what it is supposed to do.”

We know acne can be frustrating. Thankfully, Benzagel has great products with formulas that have proven to be effective in helping to clear and prevent acne breakouts when used as directed.

And we have pharmacists all over Canada who agree!

*Pharmacy Practice + Profession Santé 2016 survey on OTC Counselling and Recommendations.

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