The Benzagel + Corsage Project Partnership!

The Benzagel + Corsage Project Partnership!

Benzagel is proud to have lent our support to The Corsage Project, a fabulous non-profit event with the mission of giving an authentic prom experience to young women who would not normally have the opportunity!

We assisted the cause by donating 300 Benzagel Acne Kits for the swag bag that was distributed to all participants, which included our Acne Gel, Acne Wash, and Spot On.

Each yeah, the Corsage Project hosts the Boutique Ball - an incredible event that brings together women of all ages to celebrate the achievements of their participants. At the event, the space is transformed into a "giant shopping bazaar with hundreds of new dresses, shoes, purses, pashminas, and jewellery."

From there, the Corsage Girls shop the various wares with their own personal shopper to complete their prom look and are treated to a mini-makeover and goodie bags filled with gifts from generous sponsors. The goal is to provide a truly custom prom experience with the help of partners like Benzagel.

Check out some of the photos we took from the event and click here to learn more.

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