Spring into a New Routine!

Spring into a New Routine!

Spring is a time of new beginnings, new growth, new flowers, and, unfortunately, new pimples. We’re here to help with that last one.

Pimples, zits, breakouts, acne - no matter what you and your friends call them, they suck. But with the right routine and smart product choices, you can fight acne and enjoy everything that Spring has to offer!

The Importance of Routine.

A complete skincare routine will help you stay on top of, and ahead of, acne breakouts. We recommend starting with a twice-a-day full wash routine that helps to keep your pores clear of dirt and oil build up. Keep these three tips in mind when going through your morning and evening washes.

1) Wash with warm water.
2) Use your fingers rather than an abrasive cloth (especially if you are experiencing a breakout)
3) Take your time.

AcneTip: If you wear glasses or sunglasses, be sure to keep them clean. Dirt and oil can accumulate on your frames and transfer to your face, blocking pores and leading to acne breakouts.

Less Stress. More Activity.

Stress can contribute to all sorts of health related issues, including the health of your skin. So keeping your stress low can really help to fight off acne breakouts.

With the temperature rising and more daylight to enjoy, it is easier now to get outside in the fresh air and relieve your stress. Whether you enjoy a hike in woods, a walk in the park, or just sitting under a tree as the clouds float by, getting outside and active in the fresh spring air is an excellent stress reducer you can do almost every day of the week.

Take Our Help.

To help keep your skin acne free, remember that Benzagel is the #1 recommended over the counter acne treatment brand in Canada. More pharmacists recommend our family of products than any other acne option in the country. So if you’re looking for products that can help keep your skin clean, clear, and acne-free, we’re here.

Our Acne Gel and Acne Wash products are the perfect mix, helping to clean your pores and attack bacteria that can lead to acne breakouts. Click Here to learn more: Acne Gel & Wash (link).

Benzagel Spot On is small enough to carry in your pocket, so it’s there for you whenever acne pops up. Formulated to kill acne bacteria and reduce redness, it’s easy to use and ready whenever and wherever you need it. Click Here to learn more: Spot On (link).

Our Cleansa-Wipes are formulated to help normalize the appearance of oily skin types and prepare your skin for acne treatment. They’re perfect for evening use to remove makeup and the daily dirt, oil, and bacteria build-up as part of your face wash routine. Gentle and easy to use, click here to learn more: Cleansa-Wipes (link).

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