Benzagel Product Review:

Benzagel Product Review:

Recently, Andie and Kate at tried out the Benzagel family of products and gave their review.

Our new friends also worked with us to give away 5 Benzagel product prize packs, and we'd like to wish congratulations to those 5 winners!

Now, let's get to the review, and see what has to say about Benzagel…

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with the awesome, truly effective and all-Canadian, Benzagel! Here is us enjoying one of the several amazing products that were sent to us for sampling!


While we find some of our fav. face washes leave a delicious smell, they may not get the job done when it come to addressing the problem areas of our skin. The Benzagel acne wash left behind a faint and clean smell and also didn't leave our face feeling too stripped.

This gel worked into our skin to relieve any pain or aching caused by blemishes. We found over time it surely helped eliminate recurring breakouts in some common areas of the face, like cheeks and chin.

We love the name. These cleansing wipes don't leave your face and skin feeling too stripped of it's natural moisture OR too slimy and congested.

This spot treatment seriously works. This keeps any developing blemishes from worsening over night or throughout your busy work day. Best of all, it dries clear!

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