Benzagel Presents: How To Be Confident by Nicole Arbour!

Benzagel Presents: How To Be Confident by Nicole Arbour!

Benzagel is excited to bring you an exclusive guest blog by Canada's own unstoppably funny, talented and spirited Nicole Arbour! #GOTEAM

Whether I’m making a theatre full of strangers laugh at a comedy festival, choreographing a ton of dancers for the MMVA’s, or performing my new music for thousands at an outdoor fest... (cough,cough), my new single “So High” will be out REAL soon (cough,cough) get it on iTunes. NO MATTER WHAT having confidence is a power I gotta be able to whip out like Miley’s tongue at any moment. And I’m gonna teach YOU how to do it too!


… an easy guide for easy people.
Wait… that’s not what I meant. I could probably just delete that line now, but I don’t feel like it. I mean, you already read it. Nope it’s done forever.

step 1

If we all smiled in real life as much as we do with emojis, the world would be way radder! Now I know what you’re thinking. “If I smile all the time I might look like the Joker.” If you are the Joker, yes, yes you will, and P.S. Batman is soooooo looking for you and he is PISSED. But for real. Put on that smile. I bet it’s super cute. A smile says “Hey world, I’m awesome! I bet you are too! Let’s be friends!” And if you have braces and think that top lip hiding the braces smile thing is fooling anyone, it’s not, ya just lookin’ cray. Show off that transformer smile! It’s a “my parents have good jobs” badge of honor! Plus smiles, like yawns or different things they teach about in health class are contagious!

And the power to make someone else smile… will make you feel confident instantly!

step 2
dress to impress...yourself

If you wear a uniform, please don’t tell your teachers I said wear what you want so they DM me angry messages. Just kidding, teachers can’t computer. And they think Viners are staff members who keep a bottle of wine in their desk. But for real. The way you dress should be an expression of YOU. You want green hair, go for it! Only rock band T’s from shows you’ve been to? Rad! Feel best when your pants are hanging so low even Bieber thinks you’re pushing it… pshh, do yo thang! When you feel good about how you look, your confidence will naturally shine!

step 3
cheer yourself on

I do this everyday. You’re here to be awesome! That’s it. So know that, and roll with it. No one’s ever going to be as good as you at being you, which means you’re winning!! So brush your shoulders off and get cho JayZ strut on!

Use affirmations! AKA: things you say to yourself to remind yourself of your awesomeosity.

Repeat after me: “you is kind, you is smart, you is important."
OK YEAH, I took that from 'The Help,' but that doesn't make it any less true.

Yours can be: I might not have booty like Minaj, but my twerk has feelings too! …ok that’s mine.

And here’s a little trick. Give out compliments like it’s Halloween candy!

You tell someone you love their shoes. They smile, you smile, instant confidence boost, AND chances are they’ll say something nice to you too or they’ll feel like a jerk! YAY compliments! Oh, and high five… high five everyone. It’s impossible to not feel amazing after a high five!

So to review: Wanna feel confident no matter what?

1) Smile and the whole world will smile with you!
2) Dress to Impress…YOURSELF. Look good feel good yo!
3) Cheer for yourself! There will never be another you so leave your freaking MARK ya rockstars!

Speaking of rockstars….

The Kick-A$$ Confidence Playlist:

(Just TRY to listen to these without feeling awesome. You CAN’T!
That’s the point. Make playlist, listen, kick butt, repeat.)

- Everybody Loves Me - One republic
- Happy - Pharrell Williams
- Can't Tell Me Nothin - Kanye West
- Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
- Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
- Flawless - Beyonce
- Trophies - Drake
- Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia
- Survivor - Destiny's Child

Until next time, shoulders back, chin up, high five, and #GOTEAM!
Xoxo Nicole Arbour
Twitter: @NicoleArbour
Intsa: @ibnicolearbour

What are your tips for feeling confident? Share! We'd love to hear them. Nicole Arbour is the founder and head cheerleader of #GOTEAM. Watch for more of her inspiration again soon on the Acne Blog!

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