Acne Myth: Sweat Causes Pimples

Acne Myth: Sweat Causes Pimples

At some point in your life you’ve probably heard that sweat causes acne, and that staying away from vigorous activity will help keep your skin clear.

But that is not the case!

We don’t ever want to discourage anyone from healthy exercise and movement that might result in a sweaty body. There is so much proof that walking, running, working out, playing sports, and generally just being active is good for your body (and your skin) that this sweaty myth needs to be dried up right now.

However, it is important to take care of your skin after you’ve worked up that good sweat.

Hit the Showers!

In the words of Pharmacist Ron Pohar, “perspiration on the skin can trap bacteria and contribute to body acne”, so it only makes sense to jump in the shower. And as a double benefit, washing the sweat off of your body is going to help you feel refreshed after your workout, as well as help your skin stay clean and healthy.

Remember that you need to address your skin’s hydration while you shower, so don’t hit the hot water too hard (that will dry you out) and find a soap/cleanser that provides moisture to your skin rather than pulling it out.

Clean Clothes!

Ron also tells us that “tight-fitting clothing can also be a problem, by trapping heat and moisture and irritating acne”, so it’s important that you don’t sit around in your sweaty clothes longer than you have to, especially tight gym clothes.

Nice clean clothes that allow your pores to breathe and your body to be comfortable are our #1 post-workout wardrobe recommendation.


A healthy lifestyle includes being active regularly, and even getting a little sweaty from time to time. We support your fitness and active play 100% and want to know what you do to get up and get moving.

Leave a comment telling us your favourite way to work up a sweat and stay active, and we’ll comment with some of ours too!

Here, we'll go first… we love to play volleyball. It gets your blood pumping, your whole body involved, and it works up a good sweat! 

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