5 Ways to Refresh Your Spring Acne Routine

5 Ways to Refresh Your Spring Acne Routine

With a change in seasons comes a change in… well, everything. Warmer weather means more sun, more time outdoors and generally more of the stuff you love. But it can also mean more sweat, clogged pores, and breakouts.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to minimize that, like using Benzagel’s Acne Wash and Acne Gel as part of your skincare ritual. But did you know there are extra steps you can take to help prevent acne?

Here are five great ways to perk up your skincare routine this spring:

1. Slap on some sunscreen

We all love fun in the sun. But with that comes more chances of dry skin, which can lead to increased oil production and breakouts – not to mention some of the longer-term damage UV can cause, like skin cancer. Of course, when the sky’s blue and the weather’s warm, staying in to protect your skin isn’t exactly a tempting option. Try using our Acne Wash daily – it helps reduce flare ups. And be sure to make sunscreen a part of your daily routine. Just remember to always put it on last, after you’ve finished your regular skincare ritual.

2. Don’t sweat the sweat

The hotter the weather, the more we sweat. And sweat can cause a buildup of bacteria. Don’t worry though. You can always keep some facial wipes like our Benzagel Cleansa-Wipes in your bag to cleanse your face and let your pores breathe – all without missing a beat in your day.

3. Do up an updo

Hair products can also clog your pores, trapping oil and causing pimples. It helps to tie your back hair back when jogging or exercising to keep your face clear of these invisible offenders.

4. Hydrate, then hydrate some more

Another spring-time culprit that contributes to acne is dehydration. The heat of the sun dries out your skin, which can send your oil glands into overdrive and clog up your pores. Drink lots of water and keep moisturizing with lotions that work, like Benzagel’s Moisturizer, throughout the day.

5. Keep your sheets crisp and clean

Your bedding houses more dirt than you realize, and since you spend about a third of your day in it, it’s best to keep it fresh. Be sure to wash your pillowcases and sheets every few days to avoid dirt build-up on your skin that can introduce acne-causing bacteria.

Every step you take helps protect you a little more from acne breakouts. Add these five tips to your regular skincare routine to help reduce the effects of spring on your skin.

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