5 DIY Masks to Add to Your Summer Skincare Routine

5 DIY Masks to Add to Your Summer Skincare Routine

It’s summertime! Summer means sweat, and sweating leads to dehydration and dry skin. Definitely not the summer glow we’re after.

To help get the glow you want, try our lineup of amazing products. Start your routine with our Acne Wash to remove bacteria-causing acne and follow it with Acne Gel to fight those pesky pimples.

Now that your skin is properly prepped, add any of these 5 DIY masks to give you that summer glow:

1. Sunburn Rescue Mask

Everyone always says to wear sunscreen for protection against the sun. But sometimes, you still get sunburnt. This refreshing mask soothes and brings hydration back to your skin when sunscreen fails.

Mix into a paste:
1/2 of a seedless cucumber
2 tbsp all-natural aloe vera gel
2-3 drops of lavender essential oil

2. Purifying Mask

Ever hear people say, “My skin is too oily. I don’t need to moisturize”? What a myth! Your skin creates too much oil because it’s too dry. This mask is for our oily-skinned Benzafam. It helps cleanse and keeps your skin’s moisture balanced for the perfect summer glow.

Mix into a paste:
1 fully ripe banana
2 tbsp organic honey
1 tsp of freshly squeezed orange juice

3. Summer Glow Mask

This mask is perfect for our Benzafam with dry and flaky skin. The papaya will get rid of the dead skin to help the cacao penetrate through the skin and give you the ultimate summer glow.

Mix into a paste:
1 tbsp cacao powder
¼ of a papaya
1 tsp aloe vera gel

4. Brightening Mask

Strawberries and yogurt sound like the perfect summertime snack, but it has benefits for your skin too! It gives you protection from the sun and locks in your skin’s hydration. Say goodbye to dull skin!

Mix into a paste:
4-5 medium-sized strawberries
2 tsp Greek yogurt

5. Calming Mask

Apart from it smelling delicious, this calming mask seals in moisture while protecting you against bacteria and sun damage. The perfect mask to help calm your skin down after spending a day in the sun.

Mix into a paste:
1 tbsp oat powder
4 tbsp chamomile powder
4 tbsp kaolin clay
1 tbsp turmeric powder
1 tbsp full-fat plain yogurt
1 tbsp raw, unfiltered honey

Once you’ve masked up, rinse it off, add our After Care Moisturizing Lotion, and get your glow on this summer!

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