4 Fruits for Healthier Skin

4 Fruits for Healthier Skin

Healthy skin is calling, and we’ve got tips to help all you BenzaFam! Get your glow on before summer’s over.

Start your routine with Benzagel Acne Wash to help prevent breakouts. Follow with Acne Gel to get rid of uninvited pimples and use the Moisturizing Lotion to keep your skin hydrated.

Next, consider adding these 4 fruits to your diet to help your skin look and feel healthier:

  1. Cucumber 🥒

    Keep your skin cool and hydrated with cucumbers! Its water content will keep it moisturized and radiant!

    Pro tip: Eat the peel. It has vitamins that help give you a little extra summer glow.

  2. Orange 🍊
    Brighten up dull skin with an orange. The vitamin C helps keep your skin stay plump and hydrated. But here’s another secret no one told you about: rub the peel on yourself to help treat acne!
  3. Pomegranate 🍈
    We know what you’re thinking… pomegranates? Yes! Pomegranates have something called “antioxidants” to help protect your skin from sun damage. And more protection against the sun means less wrinkles and more glow-y skin.
  4. Watermelon 🍉
    Watermelon is 93% water. Guess it’s safe to say that it makes the perfect moisturizer. It gives protection against the sun, soothes irritation from sunburns, and helps revive your skin.

Now that you’ve got the secret to healthier looking skin, it’s time to take advantage of golden hour and show off your glow!


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