Tests and exams can cause a lot of stress, and stress can lead to acne breakouts – which nobody needs!

So, today we’re here with five tips to prepare yourself for tests and exams, improve your marks, and lower your stress in the process.

And hey, if you have a study tip that works for you, please share it in the comments at the end of this post. We’ll make it our own virtual study group!

1) Find Study Buddies

Speaking of study groups… studying alone can be an arduous and boring task. It’s easy to put down your books and turn on the TV or scroll through Facebook on your phone for an hour instead of going over your class notes.

But, if you find classmates that you can meet to study with, you can help to keep each other on track throughout the semester, and especially at exam time.

Having a second or third person can also help you to understand the pieces you’re struggling with. Whether they have a better understanding of the subject matter and can help you to see things, or you both work through something tricky together, having that help and removing extra stress that can come with studying alone is a great idea.

2) Use Study Tools

Sometimes your notes just aren’t enough when it’s time to buckle down and study for a big test or exam. That’s when it’s time to use different study tools.

Flashcards are a classic study aid that can help with memorization and recall, and they can be used alone or with classmates. Take turns asking each other questions, and if you’re working with more than one other person, have everyone write their answers down so you can all have the opportunity to answer more questions in the study session.

Practice tests are also great for preparing yourself. Some teachers will have tests available for you, but if they don’t, you can look online for tests to help. If your exam has a time limit it is best to practice with that in mind. However, you should always remember that it is more important to get the right answers than to speed through an exam just to get it done.

3) Don’t Fall Behind

It can be tempting to coast through your classes and skip studying at the start of the semester. Tests and midterms don’t come for weeks, and the pressure isn’t on yet. But the content that you’re learning in those early weeks will definitely be represented on those future tests, and you need to have those answers.

This is another way that having a study buddy can be valuable. By staying on top of your lessons, and studying the content as you go from week to week, you can prepare yourself and stay up to date.

Cramming is a high stress, high risk system. Avoid it and reap the rewards!

4) Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Waking up rested and ready on exam day will go a long way to reducing your stress levels. And if you’ve prepared yourself going into the test, you can get to bed at a good time, enjoy a long, peaceful sleep, and wake up knowing that you are in great shape.

If you have roommates, make sure to tell them that you need some quiet time a little earlier than usual so you can get your sleep. And make sure you ask them to let you know when they need that from you as well. We’re all better off when we’re taking care of each other!

5) Be Comfortable

Small comforts can go a long way to reducing stress – which means that you can concentrate on your exam questions and your preparation.

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether it’s your favourite t-shirt, or your lucky socks, put them on and feel good about it.

And your comfort can extend to anything else that makes you feel good in your day. Have your favourite breakfast before you leave for school, treat yourself to a fancy coffee drink from Starbucks, or go for a walk and clear your head before you sit down with your test – and then knock it out of the park!