Sometimes you just need to vent!

Trying to talk to friends about acne is difficult. Maybe you don’t want people to know how much it bothers you, maybe you don’t want to draw attention to it. Or maybe, your friends aren’t the best listeners. When acne is getting you down, it can hurt even more to have those feelings dismissed. We have all heard the quick, and sometimes mean, things said when you want to seriously talk about how awful acne is.

“It’s just acne”

“You just need to wash your face”

“No one can even tell”

The sad feeling that often comes along with acne can be difficult to overcome, especially when others aren’t listening to you. Your feelings are real and it’s helpful to express them.

Although a personal journal can be a great place to get your thoughts out, sometimes you want to have someone else hear your story. You may want someone to listen without interruption, advice or opinions. Keeping thoughts to yourself can feel lonely, and acne is something that almost everyone suffers from – you are not alone!

Expressing your feelings in a forum may seem a little strange, but venting can be helpful. Stress actually makes acne worse, meaning that venting to reduce stress is good for you. Sharing your thoughts online can help you feel heard, less lonely and supported. gives you a place where you can be anonymous and still be heard. Are you lucky enough to have a friend or parent to talk with about your acne? Post a comment on this blog and let us know!