We’ve all been there. Trust us.

You wake up in the morning and have to drag yourself out of bed to get ready for school or work and it feels like it would be 100 times better to just stay asleep.

Then you drag yourself to the washroom to get yourself ready, brush your teeth, do your hair, and give yourself a pep talk. But there it is, a pimple that has come out of nowhere. Just staring you in the face. 🙁

But wait! There’s hope!

You grab your Benzagel Spot On and follow these easy directions:
A) With a light squeeze, the Spot On tip applies the right amount of gel.
B) Use twice daily until pimple disappears.

And suddenly you realize that things are going to be okay. You can smile again. You can get ready for your day and attack it head on with all the positivity in the world!

And with your smile on and your best face forward, you leave the house and know that there’s nothing you can’t do.

The world is your oyster friends!

Do a happy dance!