Spending time outside? Having fun with friends? Breathing in all the fresh air you can get before winter returns?

We hope that you are having an amazing memorable summer; however, we understand that for some acne sufferers, summer is not the fun season it’s made out to be. Without school to force you outside, it can be easy to stay indoors and hibernate in the summer months. It may be difficult, but even those with severe acne need to get outside in the summer. Why?

1. Feel Better
You will feel good once you are out with friends. Leaving your house might make you self-conscious or anxious, but once you are out and thinking about other things, your mood will improve.

2. You Notice Your Acne More Than Others
People are much more aware of their own flaws than others. It may seem to you that everyone is noticing your pimple, but they are just as concerned that you are noticing theirs.

3. Others Notice Your Personality
What people do notice about you is likely not your acne. You’re the funny one, the artistic one, the one who has seen every horror movie. Your friends want you around because of your great personality.

4. Stay In Touch
If you don’t hang out with friends, they will eventually stop inviting you. As difficult as it is to get out of the house on bad skin days, it is even harder when no one has asked you to do something. Keep in touch with friends so they will keep in touch with you.

When you really feel like you just can’t be seen by others, remember that you are not alone in feeling this way. There is nothing strange about being self-conscious about your skin. Avoiding regular routines and friends can be a sign of depression, so it is important that you talk to your doctor, or call Kids Help Phone if you are staying in more often.