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Stressed out? Benzagel’s got you covered!

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We all know about the age old vicious circle that links stress and acne : stress causes acne ; acne causes stress.

With the recent changes in my life, the pressure was real. Luckily, a little hero called Benzagel came to the rescue.

I have talked about their spot treatment Benzagel 5 previously on my blog, and already knew this bad boy was a life saver.

I was lucky enough to have the lovely people at Benzagel send me a little care package** to try out some of their other products and the timing could not have been more perfect.

Their products are surprisingly gentle, but most importantly, effective.

When I first saw the Acne Gel & Wash containing 5% benzoyl peroxide, I cringed. I’ve had pretty terrible experiences with those kinds of washes in the past (*aheum* Oxy *aheum*), which left my pillowcases and clothes stained and my face a hot irritated mess. But with things being a little worse than usual with the stress factor, desperation made me try it.

Boy am I glad I did! Yes it does still stain my pillowcases but it is actually gentle on the skin, no irritation or dryness whatsoever. I do recommend you use a product that really removes ALL of your makeup beforehand as I don’t feel this does a good job at removing makeup.

My only complaint is the packaging. I was not a big fan of that “pull out” teeny tiny spout thing, you gotta work at it a little to get the product out.

The formula is this nice foamy almost creamy gel consistency that leaves your skin feeling balanced. Not greasy, not dry, just perfect. There’s no stinging or anything at any point. I guess that “foamyness” (though it doesn’t foam up on your face) allows the BP the penetrate deeply into your pores and attack the little buggers ruining your life!

Benzagel Shared Story: I know how stressful it is but no matter how bad your acne may be, just know that you are not alone in your fight.

Because I was so scared of the Benzoyl Peroxide content, I did not combine it with the other products at first. Once I saw there was no sign of irritation, I started using the Spot On in addition. This only has 2.5% BP and looks like your normal “white cream gel” type spot treatment. How can such a mild formula be so powerful? I don’t know, but it’s fan-freakin-tastic!

Again though, that little spout is a nuisance. I guess it’s meant to encourage to use only a little amount (you really do need only a tiny bit), but it’s a little annoying. Nothing major, but you know me, I like to complain just to complain sometimes 😉

This deadly duo had been the most effective and gentle combination I have ever tried. It kicked those stress zits to the curb within days!

I find these products to be my go to for stress zits. These came out of nowhere and were nothing like my usual hormonal breakouts. For those regular breakouts I still use my usual routine with the Benzagel 5 as my spot treatment.

Bottom line : Benzagel has got you covered!

Have you tried any of their products?

Benzagel is Canadian brand you can find in most Canadian drugstores. You can also check them out on their different social media pages:

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Keep those faces clear in the meantime!


** Disclaimer : yes I received these products for free, no I am not being compensated for this review. All opinions are my own and honest.