Many people notice as their lives get more stressful, their acne gets worse. While a regular skin care routine can prevent pimples, reducing stress can also help end acne breakouts. Meditation is known to be an effective stress-relieving ritual. In this blog, we offer a bit of advice to guide you through an introductory meditation practice.


Anyone can meditate anywhere. You can choose your bedroom, gym class or the park in your neighbourhood. You don’t need to be a professional holding a muscle burning pose for hours. When you first start meditating, find a quiet room that will allow for easier concentration.

Some people find meditation can make their bodies quite cool, so choosing a warm or sunny spot is a good idea. Get comfortable and relax.

Stay With the Breath

You don’t have to take long, slow inhales. You can breathe the way you normally would. Focus on how the breath feels on the way in and on the way out. How does it feel in your stomach, chest, diaphragm, nose, and throat? Stay with the feeling of the breath.

Forgive Yourself

Your mind will wander the first few times you practice. You might start to think about things that need to be done at home, how tired you are, how itchy your back is, etc. All of this is okay, as long as you bring your mind back to breathing. It’s important to have no judgement about how good or bad you are at meditation. Keep coming back to your breath and forgive yourself for having a wandering mind.

How Long Do I Do This For?

In the beginning, you may only be able to concentrate on your breath for a few minutes; five to fifteen is great for beginners. Over time, you will be able to meditate for longer periods of time. Try to practice daily, so that when stress hits you are able to meditate right away.

How Does This Reduce Stress?

If you’ve been meditating for a while, you will be able to start focusing on your breath any time you need to calm your mind, like figuring out that tough exam problem, before a party, or when it feels like everyone is staring at a pimple on your face. By forgiving yourself for distractions, you will also learn to be a little easier on yourself during stressful times, such as when pimples appear.