It can be really tempting to stay in the house all day when you’re on summer vacation. The air conditioning is on, Netflix is right there, and there’s ice in the freezer.

But, it’s also the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy yourself. You can get outside for some fresh air, get some exercise, and have a whole lot of fun.

We’re happy to share 5 of our favourite things to do in the summer, and we’d love it if you would leave a comment to tell us some of your favourite things as well, or add-ons to the things on our list.

1. Have a Park Day!

Grab the frisbee, a blanket, pack a picnic, and head out to the park.

A great picnic can include anything you want. But if we’re going to give you suggestions, we would say don’t forget the cheese, bring lots of juice and water, and fresh fruit is always a great choice for dessert.

Mmm strawberries!

2. Visit the Amusement Park!

Tip: If you’re going to the amusement park, get there early. The shortest lines and coolest temperatures of the day come earliest, so drag yourself out of bed and get there.

Whether you love big roller coasters, the water park, the live shows, or the snacks, it’s a great way to spend a summer day with friends or family. We recommend picking a meeting spot so your whole group can come back together after splitting up during the day.

3. Go Camping!

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy nature. Whether you pack up and go camping for a weekend or a whole week, it can be a great time.

Remember that safety is important, keep your campfire under observation and control, don’t go out hiking on tricky trails alone, and always make sure that you have everything you need in case of an emergancy.

Also, be a courteous camper and protect the environment. Don’t leave any garbage behind when you go home, and don’t disrupt the nature around you more than you have to.

4. Water Fights!

When it’s really hot, and the sun is shining, and you feel feel like you’re going to melt – a water fight is just about perfect.

Get your super soakers and water balloons and hoses ready, because once the fun starts, everyone is in play. We think that partnering with a friend is a good strategy, you can each take turns refilling, and can gang up on less prepared opponents!

5. Spend a Day at the Beach!

On a sunny day we love the beach. Whether we’re playing beach volleyball, getting in the water for a swim, or lounging in the shade of an umbrella.

Bring your beach towel, umbrella, cooler full of cold drinks and snacks, a good book, and you’ll be all set for an awesome day of sun and sand!

Important Tip: Keep reapplying your sunscreen. Before you leave the house, put on sunscreen. Every 2 to 3 hours after you’ve initially applied, do it again. And, after you’ve been in the water, or you’ve been sweating, or you’ve been soaked to the bone in a water fight, put on more sunscreen!