“I work out to stay healthy; but then I get sweaty and have to take extra showers. Is extra moisturizing enough or do I need to do more to keep my skin healthy?”

The health benefits of exercise are clear and certainly you would not want to alter your exercise routine due to concerns about your skin.  As well, keep in mind that it is important to shower after exercise as perspiration on the skin can contribute to body acne by trapping bacteria.

There are several things that you can do help limit the effect of showering on your skin and prevent irritation of acne lesions. While showering, it is important to wash gently and be sure to wash with a mild cleanser or soap-free product. Keep in mind that vigorous scrubbing is not more effective than gentle washing and can aggravate acne lesions.

As well, try to use cooler water while showering as hot water can irritate acne and can contribute to over drying of the skin. Also, try to keep your time in the shower short. After showering, dry off gently with your towel by patting the skin dry, rather than rubbing, since excessive rubbing can irritate acne lesions. As you mentioned, applying moisturizer is helpful. If you have body acne, applying a non-greasy, noncomedogenic cream or lotion will help prevent over drying of the skin with extra showers with less effect on acne.

If you do not have body acne, and maintaining skin hydration is your primary concern, you may wish to use an oilier product, particularly in the winter when there is less humidity in the air. Creams or lotions should be applied while the skin is still damp to help retain moisture, so there is no need to dry off completely prior to their application.