“I try really hard to use the right skin care products and techniques but I still have acne problems. Is it something that I’ll grow out of?”

For the most part, acne does improve over time. Acne severity tends to peak during the teenage years and improve near the end of the teenage years or early twenties, but the natural change over time is variable. Acne may improve sooner for some individuals, and for others, acne will continue into adulthood. This is not the majority of cases, however, as most people will ‘outgrow’ acne.

As you know, a good skin care routine is certainly an important part of managing acne. Key tips can be found in the previously posted question: “I don’t have acne on a regular basis, but sometimes I get flare ups and major breakouts. Is there anything I can do to prevent them?”  If you are doing these things and still experiencing outbreaks, I would suggest that you consult a pharmacist for advice or talk to your family physician.

There are a number of prescription products that might be appropriate for you to try, if you continue to have outbreaks and have not had success with a good skin care regimen and non-prescription products. Without knowing your medical history and treatment experience, it is difficult to make a recommendation, but I would urge you not to wait for your acne to improve on its own over time. Work with your physician or pharmacist to find a treatment option that is appropriate for you and will improve your acne sooner.