Last month we asked our Pharmacist-in-Residence, Ron Pohar if there were any extra steps that we can take to avoid breakouts in the cold weather this winter. He reminded us that hydration is the biggest challenge as the humidity drops and he gave us 5 points to pass along to you so we can all do our best to be acne free.

1. Use lukewarm water (not hot) to wash your face, along with an appropriate cleanser. Warm water helps to open your pores without scalded your skin or aggravating current acne spots.

2. A soapless cleanser would likely be the least drying, so this would be preferred unless you require a medicated cleanser to control outbreaks.

3. Do not wash your face more than twice daily since more frequent washing will not improve acne and can reduce skin hydration. Remember, hydration is the key point here. You don’t want to be counteractive in your winter routine.

4. Avoid alcohol-based skin care products (for example, toners) and maintain adequate humidity in your house through your furnace’s humidifier or a portable one. Alcohol-based products are notorious for drying out your skin and causing problems. When the humidity levels have dropped, it’s a heightened issue.

5. Use a light-weight noncomedogenic moisturizer to help promote skin hydration. Look for the term noncomedogenic on the label of your moisturizer. It’s worth taking the time to look at the bottles when you’re in the store and can make a big difference in your skin this winter.

Do your best to follow these tips on a regular basis all winter long (that means starting now) and you will be in a better position to fight the breakouts that we all hate.

The cold weather can be uncomfortable as it is, there’s no need to add acne to that equation. I think we can all agree that that’s just bad math.

And remember that you can always send us your questions to pass on to Ron Pohar and read past acne questions on the Acne Q&A page.