Benzagel is once again excited to team up with Canada’s own unstoppably funny, talented and spirited Nicole Arbour! #GOTEAM

We all have a few things in common: We love summer, think cat videos are adorable (because they are), and we all have something we have to overcome sometime in our life.

From the death of a loved one, to moving to a new city and having to start fresh, big changes and big obstacles can feel impossible to overcome… until you realize you aren’t alone.

So today, I present a super honest video talking about overcoming the biggest tragedy in my life, how I did and continue to do it, and how you can too.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous to make this one, but I want ya’ll to be able to take my lead, let’s cheer for each other, and I look forward to hearing the awesome things you get up to on the other side of obstacle-land.

Thanks for watching and supporting my channel, means the world to me.


Nicole Arbour xo

Thanks to Nicole for sharing her story with all of us! We can’t wait to hear yours (click here to learn more about it)