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If I know a thing or two about a thing or two, and I do… at least one or two. Woah, I just turned into Dr. Seuss. …then I KNOW after being a pro cheerleader, stand up comedian, tv comedian, (who you can watch right now every Friday on CMT Hottest!), a choreographer for awesome teams and shows, recording artist, annnnnd apparently never sleeping…. you CAN get whatever the heck you want in life! I want everyone to kick some serious booty so for ya’ll today I present:


…and the three easy steps to get you going.
I was gonna call it “and the Philosophers Stone”… but apparently it was taken. So was “Catching Fire.” UGH… people steal my thoughts.

step 1
i know i can

The #1 thing to do when going after your dream is believe it! Duh! If you don’t believe you can do it, it’s gonna be mighty hard to convince anyone else you can! So believe it, say it out loud, write it down, and keep a clear mental image of what it is you’re working towards. Mmmmm I just pictured pizza. I would make out with pizza right now. Sweet baby antelopes pizza is amazing. Anyhoo… You also need to forget what other people might have said you can or can’t do, bit*hes be cray. …Sorry I get rude when I want pizza. But really, write it down.

You know who did this? Jim Carrey! He wrote himself a massive fake check for over a million dollars and looked at it everyday. Worked his butt off, and one day before the date on the fake check, he got a million dollar job!

So believe in ya damn self! …we feel you Kanye. We feel you.

And, be positive and proud of the small wins! Always remember that bigger and better things are yet to come, and every little win is part of that big plan!

Now say it with me: I KNOW I CAN.

step 2
work hard, play hard

It’s true what they say, if you work hard, you can play hard! What you get out of something will always be a DIRECT result of what you put in. Probably not gonna be a pro baseball player if you play catch once a year… ya feel me?

Put in the practice/ training/ work time – even if that new episode of The Flash is on, and I promise you you’ll see results! For realz! I spent years grinding on the stand up stage now I have 3 shows on tv at once! I pinch myself when I wake up! AND I get to reach you hotties and blog for Benzagel like a mofo! How awesome right! Plus, there’s Netflix and PVR for a reason. …And that reason is Top Model is on during dance class.

Now that you worked super hard towards your dreams, throw that hard earned-money in da air and MAKE IT RAIN! …or if you live in Canada, make it hail with your loonies! You deserve it!

step 3
if at first you don’t succeed

You guys know what comes next. TROLL WHOEVER REJECTED YOU ONLINE.

Just kidding! Git cho butt up and TRY AGAIN!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I have been shut down SOOOO many times! Auditions, tryouts, whatever! I didn’t make it the first time I tried out for the Raptors Dance Pak! I was young, I wasn’t focused, I was too worried about the other girls, went with people who were unsure, and second guessed myself. I coulda gave up but I learned from the experience, came back next year by myself, focused, guns a-blazing, and I could see the fear in the other 600 girls eyes when I rocked the heck out of it. I ate that audition like I was from Jurrasic Park myself. I was a damn Raptor. Ended up being the only rookie invited to perform at all games, did a ton of fun work with them, and went on to work with the best cheer and dance teams in the NBA, CFL, and world! …I coulda gave up! Heck, I’ve cheered so many people on now, Kraft Dinner sent me a custom box of #GOTEAM KD! I know… I flipped out too! I should retire now! …I woulda never had a #GOTEAM box of KD if I let rejection get to me!

Learn from each fall, dust off, get back up. And remember:
Walt Disney was fired for lacking imagination, and later told Mickey was stupid.
Simon Cowell was living on his Mom’s couch just before selling American Idol.
Michael Jordan was cut from his High school basketball team.
…and they thought Einstein was a slow learner.



Work your hardest, and turn those dreams into reality! What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll be super happy and ballin?

Now go write down that dream, get to work, and if you need a little boost, check out my official hard workers INSPIRATION STATION:

Michael Jordan (Basketball Player, Entrepreneur)

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…and of course

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Can’t wait to high five all of you dream chasers no… dream getters. 😉


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