Having “egg on your face” is supposed to be a turn-of-phrase that means you are embarrassed about something you have done.  In this case, the only thing you will be embarrassed about is having put egg on your face, to cure acne.

Acne Advice

It often sounds something like this:

“Oh that zit looks painful.  You know, you should put some egg on that!  Mix the whites and the yolk and then spread it on.  The secret is to let it harden on your face without cracking it.  Don’t smile or frown; no laughing or sneezing.  And try not to talk.  Once it hardens, rinse it off and that painful zit will be gone.”

Acne Reality

Not only is it really difficult to keep your face as still as possible while the egg dries, it’s also not the nicest feeling to have egg on your face.  And when you wash it off, it can leave a bit of a smell.  Maybe all of that is worth it for clear skin?

The reality is it won’t give you the results you’re looking for, and in fact, the egg is drying out your skin, which can lead to worse breakouts in the future.  And for those with sensitive skin, it can actually increase the number of pimples you have.

We suggest leaving the eggs for the omelettes and cookies!