Spring is coming, and we would be lying if we said we weren’t excited.

There are a lot of things to love about the season that comes after the long, cold winter. Here are 5 of our favourite things about Spring. If we missed some of your favs, leave a comment to tell us!

Spring Wardrobe!
We can’t wait to get rid of our winter boots and coats so we can pull out shorts, t-shirts and shoes!

Note: Remember to wash all of your winter gear before you put it away so it’s clean and ready for next winter. Also, any fun scarves or hats that you have for Spring need to be washed regularly to avoid spreading pimple causing bacteria to your face.

Sitting on the Back Deck and Patios!
If you have a deck at home you know how great it is when you can start sitting outside in the sunshine again. Even if you have to wear a light sweater or jacket, it’s still awesome to relax on the patio furniture instead of shovelling snow.

And if you are in the city you know that gorgeous Spring days mean early patio hangouts. Get your friends together and soak in the sun while you have some lunch on a perfect Saturday!

Note: In all seasons, Spring included, it is important to wear sunscreen. Protect your skin from harsh UV rays with a noncomedogenic sunscreen that won’t clog your pores and cause unwanted acne breakouts.

Spring Showers!
There’s something calming and soothing about a little Spring shower. The sound of rain drops on a tin roof, the smell of the air after it ends, and who doesn’t love a good rainbow?

Riding Bikes!
If you are a cyclist you’ve been waiting for the snow to melt and the roads to clear up for months already. There’s something exceptionally awesome about getting your bike out in the Spring, making sure it’s ready for the road or trails, and going for a ride. The sun and fresh air are a perfect combination. We’re excited to ride.

Note: Remember that you should always, always, always wear your helmet when you are riding your bike. We want you all to have a safe Spring!

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Good luck, we hope you’re ready for an awesome Spring!