Simple Summer Vacation Tips for You!

Simple Summer Vacation Tips for You!

Summer is coming, and that means it’s time to start planning for your super summer vacation. To help you get ready, we’ve got a few tips to pass on to you today.

Pack the Right Clothes

If you’re going camping or to a cottage with friends, and you’re planning on sitting out on the dock, or by the fire as the day turns to night and the stars come out, you’re going to want to pack some long sleeved shirts, long pants, and maybe even a hoodie to keep you warm.

Yes, it’s going to be hot all day, and you’re going to be thinking about bathing suits, shorts and tank tops, but when the night-time comes, you don’t want to have to go inside (or get in your sleeping bag) because you got chilly!

Long pants and long sleeves (light fabrics are ok, you don’t need to wear heavy pants and sweaters) will also help protect you from bugs that can make a great summer day a little less awesome when they start to buzz around you and bite.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

We all know that hats and sunglasses are must haves for summer vacations, not only because they make for great fashion, but because you need to protect yourself from the sun.

A great hat with a wide brim can help to keep the sun off of your face and neck, helping to avoid sunburn. Remember though, if you have a favourite hat that you wear a lot in the summer, you need to wash it regularly to avoid spreading accumulated bacteria to your forehead and hairline. Nobody wants to deal with an acne breakout while they’re on summer vacation!

When it comes to choosing your summer sunglasses, it is important to look for UV protection. Cute sunglasses might look great in pictures, but if your eyes aren’t being protected from the harmful rays from the sun, you are doing yourself a disservice that may cost you in the future in the form of eye damage.

And here’s our last accessory tip: If you’re going to a music festival, don’t wear your best jewellery and accessories. Pop into a store, buy some bargain pieces (there are always great deals available!) that fit your look, and you’ll worry less about losing or breaking the good pieces while you’re having a good time!

Taking Pictures vs. Staying in the Moment Balance

We all love seeing awesome vacation photos on Twitter and Instagram, and we know how good it feels to get Likes and Favourites and Retweets… but some moments and memories truly need to be experienced by your eyes, and not the lens of your camera.

When you see a brilliant sunset or you’re having an awesome moment with your friends, stop to experience and love it for a moment before you decide that you need to pull your phone out. Those precious moments enjoyed live and in person, are totally worth it.

And if you’re at a great concert or festival this summer, don’t worry about taking too many photos. There’s a balance you need to find between snapping a photo or video for your timeline to share with friends, and experiencing the awesome live music happening right in front of you.

We love seeing your selfies that celebrate life and all of the great things you’re experiencing; but remember that your life doesn’t have to be 100% shared with the world. Some moments you’re allowed to keep for yourself!

Remember Your Skincare Routine

Vacations are a great excuse to get a break from many of life’s routines, but you don’t want to slack off on your skin care!

When you’re packing your adorable and functional summer vacation clothes, remember to also pack your sunscreen, moisturizer, and Benzagel products to help keep your skin clean, so you can put your best face forward all summer long.

No matter what your plans are, whether you’re going to be in a canoe, on the beach, at a music festival, hiking a trail, or sitting in a park with friends, you should absolutely be taking the time in the morning and before bed to make sure that your face is clean from the day, and ready for tomorrow!

Have an awesome summer, and drop us a comment to share what you’re planning!

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