Cold Weather Tips to Save Your Skin!

Cold Weather Tips to Save Your Skin!

The cold winter months can be hard on your skin. But if you take care of yourself properly you can minimize the effects of the harsh Canadian weather and keep your face smooth and smiling.

To help you beat the dropping temperatures we have 3 tips to protect your skin and keep you smooth and acne free this winter.

Here we go…

Wash With Warm Water

If you’re washing your face with hot water you’re actively drying out your skin, and in the cold weather you don’t need to be making that process worse. Wash your face with lukewarm water to avoid drying yourself out, while still getting all the cleaning action you need to fight bacteria, breakouts and acne spots.

Also, avoid washing more than twice a day. Over-washing is not better for your acne, and can actual lead to skin irritations!

Hydrate & Moisturize

Because the cold air does its best to dry you out, hydrating and moisturizing is your best action to fight back.

Try to find a light moisturizer that doesn’t build up the oil on your face or block your pores, and use it as needed. If you have a small container that you can carry with you in your pocket or purse, do it.

Throughout your day also make sure you are drinking enough water. It can be tempting to drink lots of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in the cold winter months, but you can’t ignore your body’s need for H2O.

Wash Everything

If you’ve got scarves, mittens, toques, gloves, etc. that you wear in the cold weather months, make sure you wash them on a regular basis. Bacteria, oil and dirt will build up on your winter accessories, and if you don’t take care of that, you’ll be transferring all of it right back onto your face.

Nobody wants to have an acne breakout because of a dirty scarf!

Protect your face, wash your stuff :)

And remember, if acne does appear on that beautiful face of yours, we’re here to help. Benzagel Spot On fits in your purse, fanny pack, pocket, backpack or pencil case and using it twice daily will help you get rid of those pop up acne spots.

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