6 Ways to Make “New at School” a Great Experience

6 Ways to Make “New at School” a Great Experience

Starting a new school year isn’t always easy. There are new classes, new teachers, and a new schedule and routine to figure out. But it can be even harder when you’re a new student at a new school. You need to learn the hallways, cafeteria menu, rules, and make new friends all at the same time.

We want to try to make things a little easier for all of the new kids this year. So we have some tips to help if you’re the new kid at school. And if you’re not the new kid, but you want to be an awesome person and help out someone new you see in your class this year, we have tips for you too!

If You’re The New Kid:

• Take it all in!

It can be really easy to sit in the corner and hide away from everything that you don’t know at your new school. But if you don't give yourself the chance to take it all in, see what your new classmates and school have to offer, and then act on those opportunities, you’ll spend a long time alone in that corner.

• Introduce yourself!

Yes it can be a little scary, but when you see a friendly face, or notice someone reading a book you love, or listening to an artist you can’t get enough of, it’s a great time to say hi and introduce yourself. Friendships start with common interests, and you’re bound to find some.

• Get involved!

Whether you’re an athlete, debate team member, chess player, cheerleader, or love being part of student government, you can do it all at your new school. Find out who the coach/advisor is and ask how you can become involved. It’s a great way to make new friends.

If You See The New Kid:

• Say Hi!

It’s as simple as that sometimes. Let them know that you are friendly and they don’t have to be worried about interacting with everyone in this brand new and intimidating environment.

• Invite them to hangout!

Yes, you’ve already got great friends that you love to hang out with at lunch, on spare, and after school. But a brand new student probably doesn’t have that, so why not add 1 more to your group and give them a chance to show you how cool they are.

• Share your knowledge!

You know things about your school, teachers, and town that a new student doesn’t know. Share some of the things you’ve learned with them to make transitioning into a new school a little easier.

We hope everyone has a great school year - and we’d love to hear any tips you have too! Leave a comment and tell us what you’d do if you were the new kid, or to help out a new student at your school.

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