5 Tips For Helping Prevent Acne Breakouts Before They Start

5 Tips For Helping Prevent Acne Breakouts Before They Start

You get out of bed Monday morning ready to take on the week. You grab your towel and toothbrush and make your way to the washroom for your morning prep and... realize you've broken out overnight. Wow - buzz kill.

Wouldn't it be great if we could avoid the added stress that breakouts bring to your already hectic Monday morning? In other words, wouldn't it be great if we could stop breakouts before they even happen? Although it can seem impossible, here are 5 lifestyle changes that you can make to help protect against unexpected breakouts:

1. No More All-Nighters

This may seem like a no-brainer, but getting the proper amount of sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health and wellness. Sleeping helps you manage stress, which is a leading cause of acne breakouts. Your face also repairs and replaces dead skin cells as you sleep, so make sure you're getting enough of it! Also, remember to remove any makeup before hitting the hay.

2. Wash Your Face Before Exercising

In addition to washing your face before bed, it's also important to do so before you take part in any activity that involves sweating. Board-Certified Dermatologist Paul Friedman claims that having too much substance sitting on the skin, whether it's makeup, dirt, or oil buildup, puts your pores at risk for becoming clogged. "When you’re exercising and overheating, you're opening the pores," says Friedman. "So you need to cleanse your skin to minimize anything that can clog the pores and lead to breakouts."

3. Throw Out Hair Products That Are Causing Acne

If you've kept an eye on our #AcneHacks, you know that hair products are one of those sneaky causes of acne that most people forget about. However, there's an easy fix. Dermatologist Dr. Neal Shultz tells Acne.com, “certain hair products can cause acne because the oils in them melt off the hair shaft and drip down on to your skin without you even knowing.”

The main culprits here are those hair products that are meant for "dry hair". These products have added oils which can clog your pores. Go for the opposite - products that are for normal hair - to counteract this. Another tip is to use less hair conditioner in the shower, and of course try your best to keep your hair off your face.

4. Pay Attention To What You're Applying To Your Face

So you've found the ideal product combination for your morning routine. That's great! Now what about everything else you put on your face? There may be skincare products like sunscreen, moisturizer, and makeup that are causing breakouts. Dr. Schultz recommends removing any products that contain oil from your shelf - check the back of the bottle!

5. Watch What You Eat

“The allegedly forbidden foods [chocolate, pizza, fried foods, and caffeine], diets high in refined sugar and dairy may cause some people to break out,” notes Dr. Schultz. Avoiding these types of food can help, especially for acne around the mouth, but keep in mind that everyone is different - some people can eat pizza for dinner every night and still maintain clear skin.

So start with these 5 lifestyle changes and see if your skin starts clearing up after a few weeks. If it works - keep it up! You're on your way to avoiding acne before it strikes. If it doesn't, refer to a dermatologist - you may need a different plan of attack.


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