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How Can I Help My Teen Son Fight His Acne?

The general principles for fighting acne apply to both females and males, with the treatment strategy being related to the severity of acne. However, for acne of all severities, a good skin care routine provides an important foundation, with the key components being: Washing the face twice daily with a mild, soapless cleanser using lukewarm… Read More

I know how stressful it is but no matter how bad your acne may be, just know that you are not alone in your fight.

I used to get the occasional pimple but after I finished grade 10, my acne got really bad – my whole face was covered with large painful bumps. I was so embarrassed because everywhere I looked , it seemed as though everyone’s face was clear except for mine. I didn’t turn on the large overhead… Read More

Benzagel Presents: How To Be Confident by Nicole Arbour!

Benzagel is excited to bring you an exclusive guest blog by Canada’s own unstoppably funny, talented and spirited Nicole Arbour! #GOTEAM Whether I’m making a theatre full of strangers laugh at a comedy festival, choreographing a ton of dancers for the MMVA’s, or performing my new music for thousands at an outdoor fest… (cough,cough), my new single… Read More