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I’m 15 and about a week before my period starts I get big red pimples on my chin and they hurt to touch. Is there a way to prevent or lessen them without drying out my skin?

Premenstrual acne flares are a common phenomenon, with almost one-half of females reporting that their acne gets worse prior to their menstrual period. These acne flares are generally attributable changing hormone levels during different stages of the menstrual cycle. At certain phases, levels of sebum (oil) on the skin increase, which also results in an… Read More

Someone told me that a lemon or toothpaste can cure my acne. Is this true, or just another internet myth?

There are many “home remedies” that are purported to help improve or even “cure” acne; however, for the most part, there is little scientific evidence to show that these treatments are safe and effective. Toothpaste, for example, is reported anecdotally to dry out acne lesions when applied overnight. However, toothpaste includes many ingredients that are… Read More