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With the “festive season” coming, should I avoid indulging in certain foods, or change my routine to avoid acne flare-ups?

For many individuals, the holiday season can bring with it acne flare ups, with diet being a possible trigger to think about. Holiday eating often involves an increase in the amount of sugar and other carbohydrates in the diet. While the relationship between acne and diet has been debated over the years, some recent evidence… Read More

Why do I find that during the holiday season, just when my family and friends are getting together, my acne seems to flare-up?

The underlying cause of acne is complex, involving genetic factors, as well as a number of different environmental factors. While there is some debate over the extent to which specific environmental factors influence acne, stress and diet are two factors that could potentially contribute to the development of acne or aggravation of pre-existing acne in… Read More