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I’ve been told you shouldn’t quit a new skincare product too soon as it needs time to work, but how much time does it need?

Generally, topical acne treatments require 6 to 8 weeks in order to achieve a full benefit, so it is important to allow a product sufficient time to work before stopping it or adding another product. It is also important to consider that acne can initially flare-up or get worse with some products. With benzoyl peroxide,… Read More

I’m worried that my make-up is making my acne worse. But I don’t want to stop wearing it. What can I do to make sure I don’t get breakouts because of my make-up?

While make-up certainly does have the potential to aggravate acne, there are a few things that you can do to reduce its effect. Importantly, be sure to choose products that are noncomedogenic as they are less likely to clog pores than products that are heavy, greasy and oily. This applies to all products that you… Read More

I work out to stay healthy; but then I get sweaty and have to take extra showers. Is extra moisturizing enough or do I need to do more to keep my skin healthy?

The health benefits of exercise are clear and certainly you would not want to alter your exercise routine due to concerns about your skin.  As well, keep in mind that it is important to shower after exercise as perspiration on the skin can contribute to body acne by trapping bacteria. There are several things that… Read More

I try really hard to use the right skin care products and techniques but I still have acne problems. Is it something that I’ll grow out of?

For the most part, acne does improve over time. Acne severity tends to peak during the teenage years and improve near the end of the teenage years or early twenties, but the natural change over time is variable. Acne may improve sooner for some individuals, and for others, acne will continue into adulthood. This is… Read More

I have a lot of small pimples; is it okay to put spot treatment all over my face?

Spot treatments for acne are intended for periodic use on individual blemishes when they appear on the face. These products are generally not well suited for broad application over a large area as they can cause excessive peeling, scaling and redness in some individuals. If you have many pimples, a spot treatment, used alone, might… Read More