Benzagel® Cleansa-Wipes

Helps acne-prone skin look clear and healthy!

Photo of college studentCleansa-Wipes are high-quality facial cleansing wipes, specifically formulated for day-to-day use on acne-prone skin. All of the ingredients have been selected for their gentleness and compatibility with most skin types.

#1 Pharmacist Recommended OTC Brand

*Pharmacy Practice+ and Profession Santé 2016 Survey on OTC Counselling and Recommendations

How It Works How To Use It Directions

Cleansa-Wipes normalize the appearance of oily skin types and prepare your skin for acne treatment. They contain a mild formulation of salicylic acid to promote exfoliation of excess oil and dead skin cells, to prevent pore blockages, and to help clear blemishes as they develop, leaving your skin clear and healthy.

Benzagel® Cleansa-Wipes refresh and nourish your skin three ways:

  1. Purify your skin by removing oil, dirt and dead skin cells from pores;
  2. Normalize the appearance of oily skin by removing sebaceous secretions;
  3. Soothing emollient action, leaving skin moisturized, soft and supple.

We all know that a good acne fighting routine means more than treating spots when they appear. So here's a great tip: Regular use of Benzagel® Acne Gel and Acne Wash, in conjunction with Benzagel® Cleansa-Wipes, will help make acne-prone skin look clear and healthy!

Cleansa-Wipes with facial cleansing lotion are also perfect when you're on-the-go or travelling, to cleanse your skin of pore-clogging impurities.

Use Cleansa-Wipes two to three times daily as a facial cleanser and moisturizer, or in preparation for acne treatment. Gently wipe around forehead, eyes, cheeks and neck area.

Used in conjunction with Benzagel® Wash and Gel, Cleansa-Wipes will help fight acne pimples and achieve a healthier looking complexion